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Sat, Jul. 31st, 2004, 12:09 am
Something for Nothing please...

Oh thats right... I always give something and get absolutely nothing in return. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow. I have no date because my first date decided to go camping then my second date is in Cancun. I am lucky cause I have an awesome roommate who is going to go with me.
Our airconditioning broke so it is super hot in here all the time. I hate super hot.
Today I found a note that my ex-boyfriend wrote in one of my notebooks a long long time ago. Now this isn't one of my regular ex's that I got over and are friends with or aren't but are at peace with it... this is THE EX. Like, the ex of all ex's. We dated for four years and we were so in love. But I went stupid for a while and messed things up. He is a police officer now and I swear in a second I would date him again. But whatever... His note was about the three top reasons we should be together. They made me cry (well, almost... cause I don't really cry).