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Tue, Apr. 20th, 2004, 02:17 am
Stupid Stupid Stupid

Want to hear the stupidest story ever??? I am seriously pissed off now... And it is soo freakin' stupid.
There is this girl who asked me to borrow a couple of shirts, now this doesn't happen very often because I am like 6 feet taller then all my friends so not much can fit them... hehe... Anyway, I told her she could, but then I remembered that the shirt she wants to borrow is the one that I plan to wear the very next morning to an event I must attend. The reason it is that it is the nicest shirt I have and I have to look very nice. So I mentioned it to one of my friends that I have to tell her I can only lend the other girl one of the two shirts she wants and instead of just thinking nothing of it, she calls the girl who wants to borrow the shirt to say that she can't have it because I don't trust her with it. Nice... very nice... so now my friend is mad at me, and won't believe my explanation and this is so stupid.
On a more positive note it is my birthday on the 27th... yay!!! And I get to go home and see my boy, and I get to re-unite my dog with her dad cause she misses him... and I get to see my family and get out of Windsor cause I am kinda sick of it right now. Anyway, it is late and I am tired so goodnight all... just wanted to vent.