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mishkamichelle's Journal

27 April
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ok, not sure what to write here but here goes nothing... I am currently finishing my BSc. Hon Biology and my BA in Political Science. I am going to be a student forever it seems, and Windsor (as much as I hated it before) has finally become an "almost" home. I like a little of almost every type of music possible, from Tear Garden (Edward KaSpel) to U2 to Coldplay (seen them 5 times) to classical (especially if/when I am studying). I live with my dog and my roommate who I love but, well u know the story on roommates. I have become addicted to politics, don't ask me how or why, I used to think it was the most boring thing ever... but someone has to take an interest I suppose. I play rugby (oh ya, I can tackle baby...), I curl (yes, I know... but who else can say they have a sport to play until they are 80?), and I used to race sprint canoe/kayak. Sports are fun, even if I am not good at all of them...
Anyway, I could ramble forever (talking/writing, one of my favourite things!!!) so if you want to know more, ask!!
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